• About Me

    Recently graduated from the Technical University of Eindhoven with a Master's degree in Innovation Management

    After High school, I went to the Technical University of Eindhoven to study for a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering. During that study, I became obsessed about entrepreneurial thinking. For that reason I began focusing on related topics like research & development, product & business innovation, entrepreneurship, and venturing. During my last year, I examined a company’s innovation management system and developed an improvement plan to improve the company’s innovation management system and enhance their innovativeness.


    The obvious subsequent step for me to take was to further develop myself within this field. Therefore, after obtaining my Bachelor's degree, I chose to study for a Master's degree in Innovation Management. The two-year program consisted of one year following courses related to new product & business creation (to improve my innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities), a half year following courses related to operational management &logistics (to improve my optimization capabilities), and a half year conducting research regarding new business models related to vehicle-to-grid and the business model's role within socio-technical transitions.


    I finished my study on the 30th of April 2019 and I'm currently looking for an interesting job!

  • As innovator, I would like to contribute to the development of a better future. For that reason, I'm always thinking of solutions to problems that I encounter. My strengths and ambitions lie in helping companies to excel in creating and delivering sustainable value. Sustainable value, in this sense, refers to the extent to which a company helps its customers in solving their problems while taking future scenarios into account.


    With my MSc. in Innovation Management, I've developed the knowledge and skills required to manage the trajectory from new product/service development to new product/service introduction including the knowledge and skills required for the development of use case scenarios and business models. This skills set is very relevant to my ambition which is to become an intrapreneur; someone who, on behalf of a company, translates ideas into new products, services, business models, etc.


    What I'm currently looking for is a position within a company in which I'm closely involved in the innovation process. Roles that I aspire are, for example:

    (1) developing product/service concepts and associated business models, and

    (2) managing the innovation process.


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  • Education

    MSc. Innovation Management

    2016 - Dec 2018

    University of Technology

    Eindhoven, NL

    BSc. Industrial Engineering

    2012 -2016

    University of Technology

    Eindhoven, NL

    Dual Degree 

    Nature & Technologies

    Economics & Society

    2005 - 2011

    Beatrix College

    Pre-University Education

    Tilburg, NL

  • "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."


    Winston Churchill

  • Experience

    Technical Procurement Assistant

    2016 - Present

    RWE Netherlands

    Geertruidenberg, NL

    Process Improvement Administration

    2014 -2016


    Eindhoven, NL

    Process Operator

    2009 - 2014

    International Fragrances & Flavors

    Tilburg, NL

  • My desire is to develop and realize a better tomorrow, not only for myself, but for society as a whole. Because of that, I’m constantly looking for ways to improve the present. What this means in practice is that I look broader than the primary responsibilities that come with a job. Instead, I try to understand how an organization works and focus on finding ways to improve both processes as well as output to realize a better performing organization. For me, a better performing company is a company that excels in creating and delivering sustainable value and helping its customers to solve their problems instead of just selling products to them.


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  • My core skills

    Innovation Management


    (New) Product Development

    (New) Business Development

    Lean Startup

    Open Innovation

    Business Process Development

    Business Model Innovation

    System Dynamics

    Problem Solving


    Entrepreneurial Thinking

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